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News Letter


Best Travel Destinations and our local partners in the Italian Alps will start the new ski season 2015 / 2016 the Ski Safari in Valle d’Aosta, Livigno and the Dolomites.

We will provide you the full package for our ski guests who visit the excellent ski area of Valle d’Aosta, Livigno and the Dolomites.

The package will have the following facilities:

- Transfers to bring you to your hotel from the airport and at the end of your ski safari back to the ski resort .

- Every day’s transport from and to the ski resorts due your stay, so that you can fully enjoy the   pleasures of wine and food and of course   the ski activities.

- The hotel accommodation in the centre of the ski regions, which should be in or round Aosta,   Livigno ( duty free ) or Moena, where you   can find the extras you need like shops, cultural events and   entertainment.

- We will offer you several hotels from 3 till top of the range in this area with Half Board service.

- All the equipment like ski boots, skis and the ski pass for the entire Valle d’Aosta, Livigno and the   Dolomites.

If you want extra arrangements and activities just let us know and our local partners will see to that like heli-ski, a special restaurant with the local specialities and much more.

Come and join us and we will show you the real Italian Alps !

Ski Safari